Randall Davey Audubon Center & Sanctuary

Bird taking flight.

Location: Santa Fe, NM
Client Website: https://randalldavey.audubon.org
Course: Observation Deck

Project Goal

Collaborate with the Audubon team to design and install a unique, custom-designed Observation Deck to be used by guests of the center.  While primarily designed for children to run around and play on, the deck is perfectly suited for adults as well. 

Program Description

The Audubon Observation Deck is a whimsical structure designed with three tree houses, hanging swings and a netted play area.  All of the ‘elements’ are attached to the primary deck structure.  A unique sunshade structure was installed, mimicking the wing of a bird taking flight.

Course Description

  • Three Tree House elements
  • Willow Swings
  • Netted Play Area accessed via a tube crawl
  • Wing Sunshade

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