The Forge at Lemont Quarries

One of the world’s largest Aerial Adventure Parks

Location: Lemont, Illinois
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Course: Aerial Adventure Park

Project Goal

Collaborate with the ownership group to design and install one of the world’s largest Aerial Adventure Parks.  The Skyscraper Tower was designed to emulate the glorious skyline of nearby Chicago, which is clearly visible on a nice sunny day at-height.

Program Description

The Forge Aerial Adventure Park is a steel-based course consisting of five Challenge Course Nodes, three Adventure Towers, Two Dual-Racing Zip Lines, and a Netted Kids Play Zone. The course is designed to maximize throughput potential and the overall property consists of additional outdoor activities such as hiking, kayaking, and mountain biking. With the exception of the Netted Kids Play Zone, participants are equipped with Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) and remain on-belay throughout the entirety of the activity. Netting systems are utilized on the Netted Kids Play Zone as fall protection.

Course Description

  • Three Adventure Towers
  • Nearly 300 Challenge Elements
  • Five Challenge Course Nodes
  • Two Dual-Racing Zip Lines, roughly 1,000’ in length
  • Independent Netted Kids Play Zone for children between 3 – 12 years of age

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