Aerial Adventure Park and Canopy Tours

Location: Asheville, NC and Knoxville, TN
Client Website:
Course: Navitat

Project Goal

In partnership with the ownership group of Navitat, Bonsai designed and installed several world-class aerial adventure courses in the southeastern United States. The courses were installed in two locations, and include a tree-based challenge course, a canopy tour, and a big zip tour. The aesthetics of these builds helped define Bonsai as leader in the industry.

Program Description

Asheville – Bonsai originally installed a canopy tour in Asheville, NC.  A classic tree-based canopy tour, the course was ultimately split into two separate adventures: the Treetop Tour and Treetop Express Tour. The second course installed on the property was the Mountaintop Tour massive big zip tour, consisting of three spans dual-racing zip lines.  The pinnacle experience on the tour is the second span, covering 3,600’ high above the Blue Ridge Mountains. Knoxville – Bonsai installed the Treetop Zipline Adventure Park in Knoxville, TN within the Ijams Nature Center.  The course offers 6 adventure trails, or routes, that consist of standard challenge elements, zip lines, sky-bridges, and tree houses.

Course Description

  • Asheville Canopy Tour: 6 zips, sky-bridges, rappels
  • Asheville Big Zip Tour: 3 Dual-Racing Zip Lines, 4 hikes
  • Knoxville Adventure Park: 60+ challenge elements, 7 zips, and treehouses.

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