USAFA Adventure Tower

Dynamic Adventure Tower Design

Location: Colorado Springs, CO

Course: USAFA Adventure Tower

Project Goal

Collaborate with the amazing team at the United States Air Force Academy to design-build a dynamic Adventure Tower / classroom environment for use by cadets at the academy.  The design draws strongly from the existing architectural legacy of the campus.  The roof has a ribbed wing aesthetic drawing from aeronautic design… in essence, the entire tower is reaching for the skies.

Program Description

The Adventure Tower consists of two classroom platforms, both of which provide access to a challenge course level and controlled descent activities.  The upper level of the Challenge Course is designed to implement a smart belay system, while the lower level incorporates a traditional dynamic belay system.

Course Description

  • 2 classroom platforms
    • Lower Deck height: 24’
    • Upper Deck height:   51’8” – designed with clear acrylic floor panels
  • Multiple controlled descent activities
  • 6 challenge elements spanning two levels
  • Total tower height: 98’

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