Rocklin Quarry Park Adventures

One of its kind, world-class aerial adventure destination within the environment of an abandoned granite quarry.

Location: Rocklin, CA
Client Website:
Course: 7 unique courses were installed

Project Goal

Create a one of its kind, world-class aerial adventure destination within the environment of an abandoned granite quarry. Multiple programs create not only an almost limitless participant experience but also support the growth of the home city, Rocklin, CA.

Program Description

The seven programs are intended to provide multi-generational participants the opportunity to engage in the aerial adventure experience.

Course Description

Netted Kids Play Zone

  • Unique kids adventure area consisting of two, steel-based off-belay netted structures
  • Primary course access is provided via cargo nets and vertical tube climb activities
  • Structures are connected with a horizontal tube net and are both equipped with kid-friendly challenge elements

Challenge Course

  • Routes are color-coded to identify difficulty levels.
  • Over 50 challenge elements are installed of varying difficulty levels, including zip lines and rappels.

Climbing Wall

  • 10 climbing routes ascend the quarry wall equipped with TruBlue controlled descent devices.
  • Routes vary in difficulty levels based on selection of hand hold installation.

Jump Station

  • An engineered platform, designed to match the historical aesthetics of the quarry, sits along the rim of the quarry creating the perfect perch for participants to experience the thrill of leaping from the edge.
  • Equipped with two QUICKjump free fall devices

Rappel Zone

  • Similar to The Cliffhanger, an engineered platform, along the quarry rim, creates an opportunity for participants to rappel down the quarry wall.
  • Equipped with DEUS controlled descent devices

Via Ferrata

  • A cliff-side challenge course with all the attributes of an exhilarating via ferrata experience.
  • Two routes traverse both the east and west walls of the inner quarry. Participants use ladders, small stepping platforms, rungs, the natural terrain and Bonsai Sky-Bridges to perform the traverse.

Zip Ride

  • Three side-by-side racing zip lines traverse the quarry and arrive at the Landing Platform which provides access to the Challenge Course and other activities within the quarry.
  • Zip lines exceed 450′ and are equipped with automatic braking systems.

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