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Designed for Use in the Aerial Adventure Industry

The Bonsai Suspension Clamp is designed to be a direct replacement for suspension clamps from the electrical power industry. It is used to connect an auxiliary wire or rope to the main wire. The auxiliary wire can be at any angle to the main wire, from perpendicular to parallel. The clamp is constructed from 6061- T6 aluminum that is a high strength, corrosion-resistant, and soft on the wire rope. It features a groove for the main wire that is curved at each end to allow for deflection and motion in the wire while reducing the severity of kinking. The clamp can be used for hand line redirects, brake line redirects, descent device attachments, swing attachment points, and more.

The clamp is available in two sizes to be compatible with varying sizes & types of wire rope.

  • The ½” clamp (component # 400040) can be used on the following wire rope:
    • ½” 6×26 galvanized
    • ½” superswaged galvanized
    • ½” jacketed
  • The 3/8” clamp (component # 400050) can only be used on 3/8” 7×19 galvanized wire rope.


  • Custom-developed by Bonsai for use in the Aerial Adventure Industry
  • Wire rope groove has curved ends to decrease wear on wire rope strands
  • Two mounting holes allow for loads perpendicular or parallel to the main wire rope
  • Mount can be used with Rapid Links or thimbles


  • Working Load Limit: Perpendicular Loading = 4,000 lbs.
  • Working Load Limit: Parallel Loading = 2,000 lbs.
  • Backups are required for all critical applications