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At Bonsai Design, we give people experiences they never thought possible. We provide ambitious and artistic adventure experiences.

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Our experienced staff at Bonsai Design has developed turn-key adventure business solutions from the ground-up since 1992. Your project will be guided from concept to profitable operation. Your future built upon Bonsai’s expertise and innovation.

Vision to Reality

Bonsai Design is fully equipped to take your visions of aerial adventure into reality. Our time-proven process finely calibrates these dreams into successful operations, providing unique experiences to participants around the nation. Check out the video showcasing one of our largest projects to date, as it merges in and out of dream and reality.


Our Expertise

Let decades of Bonsai experience give you the edge in adventure business. Time has given us an intimate understanding of everything we build, and allowed us to refine process and innovate design. A long-standing member of the Association for Challenge Course Technology (ACCT), we adhere to ACCT standards in all project phases, and have developed stringent internal standards as well. Additionally, we meet applicable standards written by the ASTM, formerly known as the American Society for Testing and Materials, OSHA, and local codes and regulations (including the acquisition of State Contractor’s Licenses) on each of our projects. Let our design and operational expertise work for you.


Featured Work

Young Life Washington Family Ranch Zip Line Tour

Project Goal Bonsai was once again given the privilege of working with the Young Life Organization to design-install a world-class…

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USAFA Adventure Tower

Project Goal Collaborate with the amazing team at the United States Air Force Academy to design-build a dynamic Adventure Tower…

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Bond Park Challenge Course

Project Goal Work with the Team at Bond Park, located in the Town of Cary, NC, to remove an existing…

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Gary Bolton

“The Bonsai Team has rock star status on the ADTRAN campus!! The ADTRAN zip line is EPIC but the Bonsai Team was what truly made our 30th celebration beyond legendary. True professionals in every sense and they went above and beyond to create a world class experience. I researched you so I knew you were…

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Doug Proctor

“Bonsai did it all for us. From construction to maintenance, and from inspection to training, they really paid attention to details and knocked it out of the park. Every time I zip our course I feel like a ‘Tree Whisperer’ made his signature within our forest.” ~Doug ProctorCo-Founder and CFO – Adventures West Virginia

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Rob Pacheco

“What made the difference for us in choosing BD as our design/build partner was their focus and understanding of the guest experience. We’ve been in the nature experience business for twenty years and Bonsai Design gets it. They don’t just build facilities, they create compelling visitor experiences.” ~Rob PachecoPresident and Co-Founder – Hawaii Forest &…

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Carl Beal

“I’ve really enjoyed working with everyone at Bonsai and have to say you all are the best contractor I’ve ever worked with. Everyone there has been great…from Thaddeus’s visioning and positive energy to you Chris and Cory’s support and patience with permitting, to Shanin’s design work, Mitch and Clarissa…the great construction crew…everyone (and hope I…

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Sean McFeely

“Bonsai is extremely creative aesthetically and mechanically. Their high quality method of building allows for sustainable growth and health of the trees, and it blends well with the natural environment. We’ve seen many people come away with a new appreciation for the Redwood and riparian ecosystem. Families have new positive memories to look back on.…

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