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Preserving Your Investment

Bonsai’s inspection staff are ACCT (ICE) certified up to Level 2 Inspections. Various state certifications are also maintained by Bonsai’s staff. Additionally, Bonsai’s inspection staff is certified to inspect and maintain third-party components such as the ISC ALF.

Inspection Types

Annual Inspections

  • Also commonly referred to as Professional Inspections, these annual inspections are required to be compliant with ASTM and ACCT standards. These inspections will get your course set up for a new year of adventure.

Commissioning / 3rd Party Inspections

  • Following a new installation, or major course modification, commissioning inspections ensure the course is set to open.

Post Environmental Damage / Vandalism Inspections

  • Whether its flooding, lightning, heavy snow / hail, or pest infestation, Bonsai’s inspection staff will diagnose problems and get your course heading in the right direction to resume operations.

Post Incident Inspections

  • Post incident inspections are vital in determining cause and mitigating unsafe conditions. Reviewing reports, recognizing trends, and providing operational oversight are included in these inspections.

State Regulatory Inspections

  • Whatever state you’re operating in, chances are regulatory bodies are looking for certified inspections to ensure the course meets their specific standards.

Aerial Adventure Course Inspections

  • Though certain inspections may require additional services, inspections generally include the following: Tactile and Visual inspections of all course systems, elements and hardware
    • Review of Operational Documentation
    • Inspection of Safety Equipment and storage facilities