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Adventure Business, Built to Last

Bonsai Design has built our reputation on the superiority of our craftsmanship and a commitment to leaving a small footprint. Our courses are precisely engineered and installed using a process refined over decades and calibrated for optimal performance. Time-tested and proven, our installations will propel your adventure business towards success.

Bonsai Design uses industry-leading installation methods that are executed with the utmost attention to detail. Our own internal standards and stringent company policies guide our success, and all of our structures and equipment meet or exceed local codes, OSHA, ACCT, and ASTM standards. Each course we install is unique, and our installation teams can support projects of any size over any timeframe.

General Installation Services

While our installation projects vary across the board and are generally based on custom designs, typical installations involve the following services:

  • Course installations driven by engineered plan sets
  • General Contracting
  • Surveying / Geotech work
  • Ground Anchor installation

Tree-Based Installations

Bonsai’s tree-based installations may be the true heart and soul of the company.  High levels of craftsmanship and attention to detail have been developed over nearly two decades of working in the trees. 

  • Arborist and survey work
  • Installation procedures focused on tree health and longevity
  • Craftsmanship and aesthetics
  • Use of site-based natural resources where applicable

Pole-Based Installations

Keeping with the tradition of the original Challenge Course installations, Bonsai is loaded with experience working with wood pole structures.  Whether it’s a stand-alone Challenge Course, or a few poles to supplement the design of a larger tree-based course, poles are often a major component in our installations.

  • Traditional Class II telephone poles & milled timber
  • Framing and decking

Steel-Based Installations

In recent years we’ve further developed our approach to working with steel as a primary structural support.  What we’ve truly learned is that the sky is limit in designing with steel. 

  • Steel fabrication & erection
  • Paint application

Course Commissioning Services

In compliance with prevailing industry standards, each installation is followed by an in-depth Commissioning process. 

  • Acceptance Inspection performed by ICE qualified staff
  • QA/QC document review
    • Course Operations and Maintenance Manuals
    • Compliance Reports
    • Course Plan Sets and As-Builts
    • Material Test Certifications
    • Field Performance Testing
    • Etc.