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Maintaining Your Investment

As with most investments, regular and routine maintenance will greatly enhance the value and lifespan of your Aerial Adventure Course. From adventure towers to ropes courses and zip line tours, Bonsai’s maintenance staff will ensure all systems are working as designed. Similar to inspections, ASTM and ACCT compliant reports are provided to Owners/Operators following maintenance.

Maintenance Types

Basic Maintenance

  • Basic maintenance is commonly the result of course needs identified during inspections. This type of maintenance typically covers items such as course element and cable replacements, brake system maintenance and/or wire rope tension adjustments. Additional components of basic maintenance could include work with participant clearance envelopes, platforms, belay systems and third party components.

Emergency Maintenance

  • Emergency maintenance is often necessitated by environmental damage or system failure. Trees falling on zip lines, snow damage and flooding are just a few examples. Bonsai’s staff can handle any sort of emergency on your course.

Course Retrofits

  • Course retrofits are often needed to enhance throughput or institute new course elements and/or routes. With an industry-leading background in course layout and design, as well as a suite of manufactured components and braking systems to enhance the participant experience, Bonsai can help you reinvent your course and its returns.

Course Upgrades

  • As the industry is becoming more and more regulated by State and National Standards, Bonsai maintenance services include upgrades to ensure compliance to applicable bodies. Similar to retrofits, course upgrades can significantly increase course throughput and the participant experience.