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Learn From the Experts, Let Bonsai Develop Your Staff

Our talented team of trainers will educate your staff to the highest standard, providing initial and continued training and education options. Theoretical and practical training modules produce managers, technicians, and course staff with the most comprehensive training in the industry.

Bonsai Design training methodologies ensure that your programs focus on safety, efficiency, and profitability. Our trainers consistently produce competent and positive personnel. Intensive, thorough curriculums are backed by professional, well-built training manuals, supporting materials, and instructional videos. Firmly established as a leader in the Aerial Adventure industry, Bonsai now delivers training programs for other rescue and work at-height industries to further broaden our reach in the vertical world. All of our trainings fulfill ACCT, ASTM, and OSHA requirements. Bonsai Trainers come from real-world, operational backgrounds and have the experience and knowledge to take your staff to the next level. Training with Bonsai occurs in multiple areas of expertise:

Practitioner Training and Certification

Bonsai Design is accredited as a Professional Vendor Member of the Association for Challenge Course Technology, which has approved and reviewed the company as a provider of practitioner training and certification. We provide initial staff training throughout the country, along with ongoing refresher training, for a wide variety of systems. Training can be accompanied by our third-party certification to ensure staff competencies, proper risk management, and adherence to industry standards. Our trainings are fun, challenging, and most of all, empowering.

Bonsai Design also offers opportunities for individuals to gain, recertify, or advance their skills through our Open-Enrollment training program options.

Industry Professional Development

Bonsai Design has modules specifically developed to serve our client needs and fill underserved markets. A detailed course inspection and maintenance track gives operators autonomy in their periodic inspection/maintenance regime. Our Training Cooperative allows the use of our training methods and materials, while providing continued organizational training support. Whether you’re looking to develop your maintenance technicians, bolster your training program, or support your management team, Bonsai can help!  

Operational Development

Bonsai Design has years of operational experience to help you elevate your adventures to new heights. We work closely with operational and management level staff to ensure your operation is compliant with industry standards, troubleshoot throughput bottlenecks, and even prepare your site for accreditation.

Specific Training Offerings

Basic Practitioner Skills (ACCT Practitioner Level I)

Nail Down the Basics

Bonsai Design’s ACCT Level 1 Practitioner Training and Certification course is designed for new guides and is intended to jumpstart their knowledge and skill within the Aerial Adventure Industry. This site-specific training will arm first time trainees or refresh returning guides with the basics of safety briefings, personal protective equipment, knots, daily inspections, course facilitation, basic technical rescues, and more. This 4 to 6-day course will create competent and qualified staff in no time!

Timeframe: 4 – 6 Days
Certification: Valid 1 year


  • Cover technical, facilitation, and emergency procedures content necessary for effective operation of the activity/course
  • Provide theoretical and practical instruction to support scenario-based facilitation and technical rescue practice
  • Create base competencies that will be augmented by site-specific Local Operating Procedures


  • Candidates seeking certification must be a minimum of 18 years of age
  • Must meet the Participant Requirements for the course
  • Must be able to perform challenging physical tasks on course
  • Must be able to perform the ESSENTIAL FUNCTIONS OF A CHALLENGE COURSE PRACTITIONER outlined in Section C.3 of the ACCT Practitioner Certification Structure and Requirements

Advanced Practitioner Skills (ACCT Practitioner Level II)

Add Skills and Develop Your Team

Bonsai Design’s ACCT Level 2 Practitioner Training and Certification course is designed to impart the theory, knowledge, and skill necessary to competently manage beyond basic facilitation and advanced technical rescues. This training is appropriate for canopy tours, zip lines, and challenge courses alike! This 2 to 4-day course aims to create higher level competencies that will complement a leadership position.

Timeframe: 2 – 4 Days
Certification: Valid 3 years


  • Cover technical, facilitation, and emergency procedures content necessary for advanced operation of the activity
  • Provide theoretical and practical instruction to support scenario-based facilitation and technical rescue practice
  • Create advanced competencies that will complement a leadership position


  • Must have Level 1 Practitioner Certification and/or be otherwise qualified
  • Must be qualified to work at-height and/or meet the Participant Requirements for the course
  • Must have a minimum of 24 hours of advanced facilitation and rescue training before certification
  • Must have a minimum of 200 hours of documented facilitation

Course Manager (ACCT Course Manager)

Expert Training for Team Leaders

Learn to develop policies, procedures, and systems necessary for comprehensive Local Operating Procedures. Explore techniques in course staff management and development. Review regulations and standards relevant to course operations.

Timeframe: 3 days
Certification: Valid 5 years


  • Cover relevant industry standards and their application
  • Cover theoretical and practical aspects of course staff management and development
  • Provide guidance in the development of policies, procedures, and systems necessary for comprehensive Local Operating Procedures
  • Create advanced competencies that will assist in administration and management of a course


  • Minimum age of 21 years
  • Must meet the Participant Requirements for the course
  • The Course Manager candidate shall possess all staff competencies listed in Section C of the Operation Standard including core, technical, and facilitation competencies, plus substantial operational experience. A Course Manager shall have the knowledge and skills to implement the operations management competencies in Section B of the Operation Standard.
  • Have a Practitioner Level II Certification from an ACCT Professional Vendor Member
  • Provide a portfolio documenting five hundred hours (500) of experience working for a course
  • Prior training and experience is deemed sufficiently relevant upon Bonsai review

Advanced Inspection and Maintenance

Build Your Maintenance Technicians

Bonsai Design’s Advanced Inspection & Maintenance Training course is designed for currently certified course staff and is intended to provide the beyond basic skills necessary to perform advanced level course inspections and seasonal maintenance. This site-specific training will focus on technical skills ranging from standard course maintenance to element replacement to advanced in-house and periodic inspections and includes pre- and post-season system install and tear down. This 3 to 4-day supplemental training will gear your maintenance team up for many seasons to come!

Timeframe: 3 – 4 Days


  • Cover technical procedures for effective course inspections
  • Cover technical procedures for effective course maintenance
  • Provide theoretical and practical instruction to support course inspection and maintenance procedures
  • Review and gain a more advanced understanding of course components and related product manuals


  • Must meet the Participant Requirements for the course
  • Must posses a current Level 2 Certification or requisite course experience
  • Familiarity with hand and power tools
  • Rope access skills
  • Carpentry skills

Internal Training Cooperative (ITC) Program

Let Us Guide the Growth of Your Expertise

Bonsai Design’s Internal Training Cooperative (ITC) Program is designed as a partnership program and is intended for trainers of aerial adventure programs. As part of the ITC Program, our Train the Trainer course covers relevant industry standards, theoretical application, and practical aspects of training delivery, ad­vanced risk management, and trainee engagement. The ITC Program promotes the implementation and use of training resources, assessment tools, and detailed documentation. ITC Trainers will receive a certificate of attendance and in-house trainer assessment form.  Program re-evaluations occur every 3 years.


  • Cover technical, theoretical, and practical aspects of training aerial adventure operators
  • Provide theoretical and practical instruction to support scenario-based facilitation and technical rescue practice
  • Training content and resources, along with assessment tools for both trainees and trainers will be shared


  • Must be at least 21 years of age
  • Current Level 2 Practitioner Certification or eligible based on ACCT Standards
  • Adequate hours documented in ACCT or similar portfolio to be reviewed and approved by Bonsai Design
  • Must have at least 400 hours of previous facilitation and 80 hours of training attended
  • Must meet the Participant Requirements for the course

Operational Services

Take Your Operations to New Heights

Operational Oversight

Noticing a lack of consistency amongst your staff? Looking to streamline operations and maximize throughput? Put Bonsai’s expertise to the test while we help you troubleshoot common operational challenges.

Operation Review

Haven’t had a professional, third-party review in a few years? Bonsai can help! Let us review your operation and ensure you not only meet, but exceed, the current standards.

Operation Accreditation

Are you ready to take your operation to the top tier?! Bonsai Design is accredited by the ACCT to provide Operation Reviews and walk you through the steps to becoming an ACCT Accredited Operation.

Document Management and Review

Are you just starting up and overwhelmed by the amount of paperwork and documentation to run your course? Have you experienced staff turnover and no longer have someone keeping tabs on ensuring your LOPs are up to date? Let Bonsai’s talented technical writer help create or bolster your internal documentation while you pick up some tips and trick along the way!