Twin Line EAD System

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Dual Cable Zip Line Brake System

Our solution for an integrated braking system for twin-cable zip line systems.
Featuring interlocking components to lend efficiency to the patron off-loading process, the Twin Line EAD Brake System reduces the required platform space while providing adequate Emergency Arrest functions that meet new standards.
Designed for Canopy Tours and other field-fit dual-cable zip line systems, all components and system parts are designed to work in conjunction with each other, or to be utilized independently. Add the whole system, or add the parts your course needs to eliminate operational difficulties and increases patron comfort and safety.


  • Durable, cost efficient solution to comply with new standards
  • Add as an entire system or use individual parts to improve existing course operations
  • Smooth, non-resistive operation under non-emergency conditions
  • Brake trolley capture capability for easy and efficient participant retrieval
  • Immediate lock-off capability when high speed Emergency Arrest is required
  • Full modular integration of all components with Bonsai Brake Shuttle and All-Stop
  • Soft surface provision for Emergency Arrest situations
  • Designed to minimize requirements of platform space


  • Total System Length: 5’ including trolley
  • Pad Diameter: 6” or 10” diameter pad
  • Total System Weight (without trolley): 9 lbs.
  • Maximum Operational Capacity:
  • Accommodates for impact up to 300 lb. riders at 40 MPH


To View a copy of our current Twin Line EAD Manual, click here.