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Zip Line Trolley Handle Accessory

Developed and engineered at our headquarters facilities in Colorado, Bonsai’s Zip Grip accessory handles provide a solution to incorrect patron alignment and zip line contact. Augment your existing zip trolleys to solve these problems and to provide comfort and safety in operations. All Zip Grips are built to last and our various models are equipped to accommodate almost every trolley on the market.


  • Compatible with many existing trolley designs
  • Strong, lightweight design
  • Multiple handle configurations available
  • Variety of lanyard options for single cable and dual cable systems
  • Integrates with Bonsai Brake Systems to allow capture by Bonsai Brake Shuttles
  • Models available with a contact faceplate


  • The Zip Grip is not designed or intended for use as a component of any type of life-safety system.
  • The Zip Grip is designed to support hand-held passenger weight only.
  • The Zip Grip is designed only for body positioning and orientation, and may not be used for the attachment of any support system. The Zip Grip carabiner retainer slots may not be used for attachment of any support system.


  • Dimensions: 4” tall x 5” length x 8” wide with handles
  • Weight: 10 oz.
  • Rated Load Capacity: Handles not meant for life-safety loads
  • Maximum Impact Speed: 45 MPH