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My Highest rating that I offer is: “Super clean and consistent to the point that it looks like a single, Jedi- skilled installer did the entire course”.  This level of quality is an absolute pleasure to assess.

The consistency of quality and detail is astounding.  Documentation is the best I have ever seen.  The employees all work under a “Shared mental model” and seem to enjoy competing for the award of best work.  The tool trailer was by itself an indication of the professionalism and preparation of this company.  I have never seen anyone label their trees (this is brilliant in itself.)  Cables that will rub from expected use are all wrapped with rope or a super clever routed board that ensures the cable will never cut into the deck.  I need to stop here.  Too many cool things that I thought, “why did I never think of that”.  Bottom line, getting it done right and clean was obviously the goal of each person to work on this design.

My co-inspector Guy and I were each smiling the entire time on this Bonsai course.  We actually did both routes twice, initially to ensure we did not miss anything but the routes were really fun as well.  We managed to find a few things for remediation and almost immediately a worker corrected the item.  Enthusiastic and rapid response.  No push back.  Just a sense of pride in ensuring the quality and safety.  I’m sad we are done so quickly at YMCA EPC.

Bonsai are Jedi!!!!!  Overall, this probably is the most professional, well designed, amazingly installed and actually fun tree course I have even had the pleasure of seeing, inspecting and enjoying.  We are looking forward to inspecting another soon!

~Tom Leahy

Leahy & Associates, Inc.

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