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Adventure Towers are an exciting product offered by Bonsai Design that can be constructed to immediately enhance and supplement existing recreational programs, in addition to jump-starting future activities. Designed with a minimal footprint and maximum output potential, Adventure Towers allow for an optimized Participant Experience, with hundreds of participants being able to use multiple elements in a short timeframe.

The goal of Bonsai’s Adventure Tower is to create a pinnacle experience with multiple activity options and maximum throughput. Due to the modular build of the towers, they can be incorporated into an existing program or act as a stand-alone feature that provides the exclamation point to an existing infrastructure. The optimized throughput allows for significant Return on Investment.

Custom Options

Bonsai Design can install custom-designed Adventure Towers to include multiple ascent and descent activities for specific operational needs and program goals, including:

  • Zip Lines / Challenge Elements / Sky-Bridges
  • Climbing Walls
  • Rappelling / Free-fall Stations

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