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While primarily focused on providing unique outdoor experiences to participants around the country, Bonsai has continued to push the limits of aerial adventure to include indoor options as well. As with Bonsai’s outdoor courses, indoor course design concepts are driven by programming goals and specific locations. Existing buildings can be re-purposed as climbing walls, challenge courses can be designed to be supported by existing structural components, and larger interiors can take on an entirely new life as they welcome a new generation of patrons.

Additionally, new construction can be designed to implement aerial adventure options. And though it may go without saying, indoor aerial adventure reaps the benefits of year-round operations not subject to seasonal changes and weather.

Summit High School Indoor Challenge Course

Bonsai designed and installed an indoor challenge course at Summit High School in Colorado in order for them to augment existing activities in the gymnasium with aerial adventure activities. Sleekly designed, the course is ideally suited for the gym and students of the school.

The course is installed using the existing roof joists as structural supports. Bonsai also installed a rigging system to allow for the course to be raised so that it will not impede other more traditional activities in the gym such as basketball and volleyball.

The course can be accessed from either side. One end of the course is installed with a rope ladder, the other end of the course can be accessed from a small platform participants reach via a climbing wall.

Course Raising Systems

Blurb about option of installing pulleys to be able to raise the course in order to use the gym for traditional activities – basketball etc.

Belay Systems

Dynamic Belay Systems as well as Continuous / Smart Belay Systems are able to be incorporated into Bonsai’s Indoor Challenge Courses. Programming goals will often play a large role in determining the type of belay system designed and installed on the course.

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