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Bonsai Design’s Netted Kids Zone is a completely off-belay Aerial Adventure activity for children. Fully equipped with multiple adventure activities, including challenge elements, vertical and horizontal tube climbs and ground-based activities, this product is ideally suited to provide younger generations the experience of Aerial Adventure.

Safety netting is ASTM compliant and provides fall protection for the entire course. Sun shades are optionally provided to keep the kids cool while they scramble around with friends and find their footing.

Client Testimonial

Bonsai has created a one-of-a kind children’s adventure experience in Rocklin that cannot be found anywhere else. Both children and parents alike can be rest assured knowing this belay-free mining-themed element is safe and fun!

– Marc Mondell

Director – Economic & Community Development Department

Course Specifications

  • 2 Cargo Net Climb Entrances
  • 2 Vertical Tube Net Entrances
  • 15 Off-Belay Challenge Elements In 2 Course Nodes
  • 1 Horizontal Tube Net Connecting Nodes
  • Multiple Ground-Based Adventure Elements

Design Specifications

  • Challenge Elements: 15 + ground-based activities
  • Recommended Participant Age Range: 3 – 13
  • Participant Weight Range: <250 lbs.

Operational Specifications

  • Course Capacity: 60 Participants (30 per node)
  • Average Experience Time: 30 minutes
  • Staffing Requirements:
    • Full Operations – 3 Staff
    • Only One Node Operational – 2 Staff

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